Integration of young workers in SMEs of the trade sector

The Final Conference of UPPRETAIL

On 25th of September of 2015, INOVA+ has hosted in the auditorium of Escola de Comércio do Porto, the European Conference “Integration of young workers in SMEs of the trade sector”, counting with 25 VET experts, professionals and trade associations. The overall objective of this event was to disseminate the main outcomes developed by the UPPRETAIL project in these last 2 years, focusing in three main questions:

How to prepare young people to the labour market and to integrate the companies of the retail sector? How can the companies of the retail sector contribute to the initial training of young people? Which good practices exists in Europe related to the initial training and qualification of young people and to their integration in the companies of the retail sector?

IMG_0329Four VET experts from different countries shared their knowledge and experience related to key-aspects of the project, namely:

  • Dr. Rainer Bremer from Institut für Technik und Bildung Universität Bremen – Germany, who introduces the German Dual System, focusing on the retail sector;
  • Elísio Silva, director of DUAL, the service of Professional Qualification of the Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce – Portugal, which presentation focused on the impact of the Dual System in the companies’ perspective;
  • Marta Palacio of the Fondo Formación Euskadi S. L. L. – Spain, Project coordinator responsible for introducing the main outcomes, results and impact of the UPPRETAIL project;
  • Aušra Giedrienė – Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts – Lithuania, expert on European Credits for the Vocational and Educational Training (ECVET), who highlighted the main contributions of the project to this European tool.

This conference was an excellent opportunity to all participants and experts share their ideas, knowledge and experiences related to the initial training of young people, focused in their integration in the trade companies.

All presentations made during the conference are available to download in English here.

Further information about the conference “Integration of young workers in SMEs of the trade sector” can be found here.

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