Final Meeting on the Project in Porto – Portugal

Final Meeting on the Project in Porto – PortugalIt was held on 24th of September of 2015, the final meeting of the UPPRETAIL project in Porto, Portugal. In this final meeting partners had the change to share the main findings related to the pilot test of the guidelines and recommendations for the implementation of the apprenticeship model in the retail sector of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria and to draft the main conclusions about the guidelines and the pilot as well.

In total, the pilot test of UPPRETAIL involved:

  • The implementation of 14 guidelines and recommendations;
  • 4 apprenticeship providers;
  • 10 VET professionals, including 7 training managers, 2 trainers and 1 counsellor;
  • 7 companies of the retail sector, including 7 managers and 11 tutors;
  • 4 apprenticeship courses;
  • 23 trainees

Besides the high involvement and interaction between the different stakeholders of the project (apprenticeship providers, VET professionals and companies and associations of the retail sector), the pilot allowed partners to design and develop five main products, which will be crucial for the sustainability of the project and for the transference of the main outcomes to other partners and countries:

  • Process for the selection of trainees by companies of the retail sector;
  • Methodology of counseling and individual monitoring of the trainees, during the practical training at the workplace;~
  • Design of the profile of the tutor responsible to train, monitor and evaluate trainees in practical training at the workplace;
  • Training plan to train tutors to be able to train, monitor and evaluate trainees in practical training at the workplace;
  • Training plan of the module conflict management, to be integrated as a transversal module of all training plans.

These products will be integrated in the document “Future Markets and sustainability”, once they are strategic to the engagement of other stakeholders and countries in the main outcomes of the project.

The final document related to pilot test of the UPPRETAIL and all the national reports will be available to be downloaded in the project’s website.

Following the sharing of experiences and main findings related to the pilot, partners discussed about the final report of the project (financial report, dissemination activities, quality and assessment and future markets and sustainability) and about the arrangements for the Final Conference of the project.

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